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Step in tech Institute

Why Step in tech?

What we see around us in the fast-growing Pakistan's economy is a veritable paradox. While employment avenues are increasing rapidly, they are not being filled by people with compatible skill-sets. Unemployment, therefore, continues to rise inexorably. The result is perpetuation of poverty, right in the midst of opportunity! Just over a third of the aspirants who enrol in primary school actually reach degree level. The huge pool of school drop-outs thrown up by the system year after year renders itself unfit for sustainable mainstream employment. Step in Tech addresses this endemic problem with a market-based approach that is sensitive to the socio-economic needs of marginalized youth in the 18-35 years age group. SIT aims at mainstreaming and ensuring economic security to youth who could be victimized by poverty. To enable them to gain a foothold in the competitive job market, Step in Tech helps the youth to acquire the required livelihood and soft skills in an environment of learning and mentoring that is responsive to the individual’s emotional and developmental needs.


The Professional Technical Education Strategy argues that Technical Education has a mission to provide citizen with a guaranteed access to a qualified technical scientific training to respond to the economic and social development needs.


Bridge digital, social and economic divide in Pakistan by significantly contribute to the development of the marginalized youth by enhancing the employability and life management skills.

Our Institution

just over a third of the aspirants who enrolled in primary school actually reach degree level.the huge pool of school drop outs thrown up by the system year after year renders itself unfit for sustainable mainstream employment.step in institute attempts to bridge this widening divide between those who access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginized from the new economy jobs. Step in Tech address this endemic problems with skilled based approch that is sensitive to the socio_economic needs of marginized youth in the 18_35 years age group. Step in is an example of synchronous social action of various stakeholders,which is aimed atomainstreaming and ensuring economic security for youth who could be victimized by enable them to gain a foodholdin the competitive job market, step in helps them acquire the required livelihood and soft skills in an environment of learning and motoring that is responsive to the individual,s emotional and employmental needs.

Our Values

Integrity means that we align our actions with our commitments and deliver what we promise. We strive to uphold our mission to our students, stakeholders and fellow employees. The core value of the Institute embraces the axiom, “Integrity of the grade leads to respect for the skills.” We value open communication and strive to be fair and transparent in our processes.Improvement involves setting and achieving goals. We strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of serving our stakeholders and campus community. We work to recognize the goals of our students, faculty, staff, administration, community and other stakeholders and are dedicated to facilitating their success through efficacy and discipline. We value improvement and strive to set an example for those we are serving.


The Step in Tech team comprises of professionals from different fields who have all come together with their varied experiences to work towards one mission Skilling The Youth. The team comprises of management/business graduates, engineers, social workers, IT entrepreneurs, media professionals, etc. The Management committee has the ultimate responsibility for directing and guiding the activities of the Step in Tech. Operations team is the key force in actualizing organization goal into reality; and the Operations team is supported by Monitoring and Evaluation, Learning and Development, Human Resources, Finance and Accounts, Communications, IT and Administration Functions.

Other Facilities

Security: Entire campus including Hostels, Residential areas, Parking and the Academic areas are secured 24x7 hours through outsourced security agencies with armed guards. C.C.T.V. cameras have been installed at strategic places to keep a close vigil on the movement of all types of elements in the campus. The entire campus is monitored with 100 CCTV cameras.

STEP IN TECH has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during the placement season. Regular classes held at our college to help us with our aptitude and technical skills were of great help

Hanook Hayat
I spent 6 months studying at STEP IN TECH and this was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life. STEP IN TECH is not only professional in teaching students, but the school is also good at taking care of students.

Daniyal Hayat
When I first entered STEP IN TECH. I was anxious about my future. Over the months so many doors were opened for our personal and academic development that I became confident

Haider Kamal
Here I came as a school boy and now as a skill man. Here, I not only developed my academic skills but also got a global exposure in every field be it technical or others.

Zakwan Zaib
STEP IN TECH helped me realize this dream of mine. Thanks to the Department of HR Affairs without whose help this would not have been possible

Salah Ud Deen
I am grateful to STEP IN TECH both the faculty and the Training & Placement Department. They've made efforts ensuring maximum number of placed students

I thank my I.T department and its faculty members for encouraging me to think globally and spread my wings to take off for the land of rising Sun.

For STEP IN TECH, "Skilling The Youth” is not just a slogan but I lived it in reality STEP IN TECH is a beautiful place where people from different nationalities meet together

I have received a lot of STEP IN TECH, it has provided me a platform from where I am able to make my standing in the corporate world

It has been a matter of pride for me to be a part of STEP IN TECH. Training and Placement cell has been continuously providing assistance regarding the placements