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Introduction, What we do, How we do & Awards and Accolades

Introduction of Step in tech

  • What we see around us in the fast growing Pakistan economy is a veritable paradox.while employment avenues are increasing rapidly.they are not being filled by people with compatible skill-sets. Unemployment,therefore continues to rise inexorably. The result is perpetuation of poverty,right is the middest of opportunity. just over a third of the aspirants who enrolled in primary school actually reach degree level.the huge pool of school drop outs thrown up by the system year after year renders itself unfit for sustainable mainstream employment.step in institute attempts to bridge this widening divide between those who access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginized from the new economy jobs. Step in Tech address this endemic problems with skilled based approch that is sensitive to the socio_economic needs of marginized youth in the 18_35 years age group.
  • What we do

    • With the right resources, support, and training, people can be enabled to solve their own problems. One expedient way to take them quickly out of poverty is to equip them with means to acquire vocational skills that will at least give them a basic chance to improve their lot. Step in Tech attempts to bridge this widening divide between those who have access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginalized from the new economy jobs. While on the one hand there is the ever-growing and constantly changing need of the various sectors in the new market economy for a skilled workforce, on the other there is the very serious problem businesses face in terms of high employee turnover, leading to escalating investments in human resources.

    How we do?

    • Unlike inflexible, conventional training courses that do not keep pace with the ever-changing job markets, Step in Tech goes beyond rigid curriculum-based learning and adopts flexible, market-oriented learning modules, which are administered by appropriate trainer. The trainers encourage the students to develop their inherent capabilities, identify and articulate their strengths and constraints, and develop solutions to solve them in a self-directed manner. Engaging in one-to-one dialogue with the students, the trainers guide them to learn from their life experiences and take responsibility for their own advancement, as well as that of their families and communities. The training programs run by Step in Tech are marked by several distinctive features that set them apart from other run-of-the-mill vocational courses.
    • Awards and Accolades

      At Step in Tech we set targets for ourselves to achieve the mission Skilling the Youth and we put forth our best effort each day, ensuring Step in Tech delivers quality skill training to the needy and deprived youth, which will ends with a sustainable livelihood in the form of wage based employment or micro entrepreneurship. Step in Tech has received significant recognition in the areas of Skill Development Association (SDA), NAVTTC and TTB.
    STEP IN TECH has always believed in helping and guiding its students and it was no different during the placement season. Regular classes held at our college to help us with our aptitude and technical skills were of great help

    Hanook Hayat
    I spent 6 months studying at STEP IN TECH and this was an absolutely unforgettable period in my life. STEP IN TECH is not only professional in teaching students, but the school is also good at taking care of students.

    Daniyal Hayat
    When I first entered STEP IN TECH. I was anxious about my future. Over the months so many doors were opened for our personal and academic development that I became confident

    Haider Kamal
    Here I came as a school boy and now as a skill man. Here, I not only developed my academic skills but also got a global exposure in every field be it technical or others.

    Zakwan Zaib
    STEP IN TECH helped me realize this dream of mine. Thanks to the Department of HR Affairs without whose help this would not have been possible

    Salah Ud Deen
    I am grateful to STEP IN TECH both the faculty and the Training & Placement Department. They've made efforts ensuring maximum number of placed students

    I thank my I.T department and its faculty members for encouraging me to think globally and spread my wings to take off for the land of rising Sun.

    For STEP IN TECH, "Skilling The Youth” is not just a slogan but I lived it in reality STEP IN TECH is a beautiful place where people from different nationalities meet together

    I have received a lot of STEP IN TECH, it has provided me a platform from where I am able to make my standing in the corporate world

    It has been a matter of pride for me to be a part of STEP IN TECH. Training and Placement cell has been continuously providing assistance regarding the placements